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We are a full service e-commerce partner with more than 10 years of experience.

Wow! Yes it sounds amazing, so what does it mean? We offer all services you require to build a successful ecommerce business, maintain it, develop it and market it. We believe in long term relationships, that’s why we talk about partners and not clients. We are here to help you start and/or grow your online bussiness. Ready for launch?

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You can stop looking.

We got a tailormade solution for every e-commerce problem. Test us!
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A succesfull approach of working together

We have seen too many entrepreneurs with a great product or service fail in the process. Why? Simply because they do not team up with the right party, leading to more and more investments and stress.

Most starting online entrepreneurs follow a standard approach of asking an IT guy to build them a website. The IT guy asks “what do you want? ” Without the knowledge of branding, online marketing, search engine optimizing and conversion the start is made for the website which will be suboptimal. We take a different approach, an approach which leads to an optimized web site for sales. So what is it that we do?

Our 4-step-shot approach to your success

Step 1

We don’t just start with your ideas, we analyze every aspect of your product and come up with a great strategy.


Step 2

We optimize your website with some powerfull tailormade design en building. We make it monkey proof.


Step 3

We make sure that we get the right visitors to convert the shit out of the product.


Step 4

We are optimizing on a daily basis. We stay on top of your game 12 monkey months a year.


Why Us


Best Pricing

We deliver the highest quality for the best prices because we don’t have large overhead and the best partners. Furthermore we do it right the first time.

No Stress

We’ll handle all the technical stuff and deliver an optimized website or webshop from the start. We have expertise in branding, online marketing, conversion and technique.

Tailor Made

Your business is unique, so should be your online presence! That’s why we analyze your market and work together on your branding values.

Our Team

Tailor Made Tailor Made

Jurrien Stomphorst


Expertise in Branding, Concept and Design.

Jurrien is an out of the box thinker and knows how the brain of the consumer works. He uses his experience in Media Psychology to get the best out of every brand and design.
Tailor Made Tailor Made

Paul Smit

Co-owner and Founder

Expertise: conversion optimization, usability, persuasion marketing, ab testing, web analytics, behavioral targetting, long term business planning

Paul is a specialist in conversion optimization, in other words selling more with same amount of traffic. Paul has gained his experience with huge companies like Vattenvall, T-Mobile, Canon and Manpower.
Tailor Made Tailor Made

Jordi Spruijt

Co-owner and Founder

Expertise in Search Engine Optimizing, Search engine advertising, retargeting, Social advertising and Web analytics and tracking.

Jordi is a real online marketing specialist. He loves data and will combine this with a lot of creativity. His best friends are Google and Facebook!

Our Tailormade Solutions


You have a great product or service, but no knowledge of the online world. You want to get the best possible website or webshop and need help. We are happy to help you build your webshop or website with all necessary steps from branding to driving sales. In this option we do all the work together with you and we’ll lead you to success.


You have a great product or service, but no big capital? We offer you a solution which is a partnership. In this option you will have an extremely low investment in your new website or webshop and we grow with you. Your business grows, our income will grow. In other words we build the business together with the same goal, growing the revenue.

And beyond

You already have a great design, brand, adwords campaign or conversion? No problem. We can always help you grow with one of our specialized services. It’s out of this world!

e-commerce audits

You have the feeling your website or webshop can be improved, but just don’t know where to start. Let us help you with one of our e-commerce audits and create a plan for the future for you.

  • Branding Audit
  • Traffic Audit
  • Conversion Audit

Online marketing activities

Grow your traffic and revenue with one of our custom plans and support for the following marketing channels.

  • Search engine optimisation
  • Search engine advertising
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Social media
  • Facebook Retargeting
  • Display (retargeting)
  • email marketing

Conversion optimization & project management activities

Improve your conversion and get a more profitable online business with one of our services.

  • AB testing
  • Usability testing
  • Personalisation
  • Data Analytics & Research
  • e-Project management 

Our profitable partnerships